Adam Mehring, Tara McGough, Taylor Moore and Justin Seigler


Terry Dean

 Was the principle male instructor of Terry Dean’s Ballroom Dance Studio for almost 20 years. He originally started as an instructor with Arthur Murray’s Ballroom Dance studio, and he stayed with them for 19 years, while winning numerous awards and competitions with his students. Terry opened his own professional ballroom dance studio in Charlottesville in 1996.  Not only is Terry a wonderful dancer, but he has had the most successful ballroom dance studio in town for years!  He continues to win awards as an independent studio. For example, his student won “Top Student” at the 2008 Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington DC, and Terry won a prized Top Teacher award. Terry Dean’s Dance Studio was presented the Top Studio Award at the 2013 and 2014 Yuletide Ball Championships out of 35 represented studios from the east coast and midwest. Terry imparted his talents not only as a dancer, but as a teacher to his current lineup of instructors, who took over ownership of the studio in February 2015.




Tara McGough



Tara joined the staff at Terry Dean’s in early 2009, and has provided an injection of fun, energy, and enthusiasm.  She is a terrific dancer and helps all our students put dance into their lives. One of her students placed 3rd Overall Top Male Student at the 2013 Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington, D.C. and at the same competition in 2014 Tara received a Top Teacher award, and two of her students took home top male student awards. Whether you are a brand new dancer, or more experienced, she loves teaching couples and singles, and makes an exceptionally great member of our team.


Adam Mehring

Adam Mehring joined our staff in 2011 and has skyrocketed to success. He teaches private & group lessons, and enjoys working with couples and singles. In 2013 he had one of his students earn a Top Student award at the Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington, D.C. and was awarded a Top Teacher Prize, himself. In 2014 Adam received a 2nd place Top Teacher award and had 7 students place in the top 20!

Join his growing student body and have a lot of fun learning to dance!




Justin Seigler


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Justin started teaching here at Terry Dean’s in 2008 and has explored many parts of the world to further his dancing. He teaches private and group lessons, for singles or couples. With many years experience, he adds amazing technique and styling that will help you dance to your potential. At the 2014 Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington D.C., Justin received a 3rd place Top Teacher Award and had numerous of his students place in the top 20!

 Be sure to grab him for a dance and let him sweep you off your feet!


Taylor Moore

Taylor joined our staff in late 2012 and has been a wonderful addition to the studio. His unique blend of humor and technique is sure to get you dancing. In December 2013 Taylor had two students awarded Top Student awards at the Yuletide Ball Championships in Washington, D.C. In 2014 he received a prized Top Teacher award and again had two students place among the top 20. Taylor is driven to bring out the best in his students and wants to teach YOU to dance!