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High Quality Organic Fertilizer Agricultural Fertilizers High Quality Organic Fertilizer Agricultural Fertilizers High Quality Organic Fertilizer Agricultural Fertilizers

High Quality Organic Fertilizer Agricultural Fertilizers

Quality Specification: AppearanceBrown powder                                    ...
  • Shandong Zibo
  • 3105909000

Product Details

Origin:Shandong Zibo HS Code:3105909000

Product Description

Quality Specification:
AppearanceBrown powder                                                               
Solubility100% water soluble                                                           
MoistureLess than 5%                                                                       
Total amino acidsMore than 25%                                                    
Total nitrogenMore than 10%                                                            
Organic trace-element (Fe+Cu+B+Zn+Mn+Mg) More than 10%

(1)It has high content NPK, abundant trace element and also certain amount alginate. It can be dissolved in water speedly and has high fertilizer efficiency.
(2)It has no impurities and no pollution to the environment. It is safe and high efficient to the plants.
(3)It can save water, fertilizer and labour. It can resist disease and increase the yield.

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