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Chemical Auxiliary Agent CPE 135A Chlorinated Polyethylene

Chemical Auxiliary Agent CPE 135A Chlorinated Polyethylene

  Chlorinated Polyethylene / CPE Impact Modifier / PVC Additive Bearing number:NJ332; Dimensione (mm):160x340x68; Diametro del foro (mm):160; Diametro esterno...
  • INA
  • 135A
  • Hydraulics Warranty
  • Spare Part
  • Eaton Airflex CB Series Kits and Spare Parts Flange Drum
  • 14.312 in
  • 411869
  • 30 in
  • 356 lb
  • Gray Cast Iron

Product Details

Warranty:Hydraulics Warranty Item type:Spare Part
Product Name:Eaton Airflex CB Series Kits and Spare Parts Flange Drum Product Width:14.312 in
Catalog Number:411869 Product Height:30 in
Product Weight:356 lb Product material:Gray Cast Iron
Product Length/Depth:30 in

Product Description


Chlorinated Polyethylene / CPE Impact Modifier / PVC AdditiveBearing number:NJ332; Dimensione (mm):160x340x68; Diametro del foro (mm):160; Diametro esterno (mm):340; Larghezza (mm):68; d:160 mm; Fw:208 mm; D:340 mm; B:68 mm; C:68 mm; r min.:4 mm; r1 min.:4 mm; J:225 mm; Peso:31,3 Kg; Carico dinamico di base (C):700 kN; Carico statico di base (C0):875 kN; (Grease) Velocità di lubrificazione:2 000 r/min; E:292 mm; F:208 mm; d1:225 mm; rs min:4 mm; r1s min:4 mm;
CPE 135A Chlorinated Polyethylene for PVC PipeModel Code:EASY PEDAL ADVANTAGE; Pre-Damper:No; Clutch Size:15.5 in; Product Name:Eaton Easy Pedal Advantage Manual Adjust Clutch; Product Width:17 in; Torque rating:1700 ft lb; Catalog Number:308925-82; Product Height:7.25 in; Product Weight:132 lb; Facing Material:Ceramic; Number of Discs:2 EA; Input shaft size:2.00" - 10; Portfolio rating:Best; Product Diameter:17 in; Hydraulic Linkage:No; Transmission Type:Manual;
CPE135A Chlorinated PolyethyleneSize:14; Warranty:Hydraulics Warranty; Application:Drilling rigs, Dynamometers, Logging equipment, Marine mooring systems, Slip clutches, Tension brakes, Unwind stands; Product Name:Eaton Airflex WCB2 Series Water Cooled Brakes; Disc Quantity:3; Product Width:16.25 in; Catalog Number:146460A-NOGEAR; Product Height:18.75 in; Product Weight:440 lb; Clutch-Brake Type:WCB2; Product Length/Depth:18.75 in;
CPE 135A Chlorinated PolyethyleneDays to Ship:32 Days; Shaft diameter(mm):12; Material:SKS3; Preload:Standard Preload; Retaining Ring Direction:Non-Retained; Post length(mm):85; Springs Length(mm):60; Bushing type (excluding shaft diameter 9D):Square flange;
High Quality Chemical Auxiliary Agent CPE 135A Chlorinated PolyethyleneOEM Part Number:MF0060971; Efficiency:25 Micron; Collapse Rating:450; Max Temp (F):225; Adhesive:Epoxy; By-Pass:None; End Cap:Corrosion Resistant CS/AL; Flow Direction:Out/In; Media Type:N/A; Recommended Change Out (psid):25; O.D.:3.33; I.D.:1.86; Length:5.57; Seal Material & Type:0 0; Quantity per Carton:1; Weight per Filter (lbs):1.0000;
ODM Standard High Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE for ChemicalСуществительное:Seal; Категория:Oil Seals; Фактическая ширина:1.5 Inch / 38.1 Millimeter; Отверстие в корпусе:53 Inch / 1346.2 Millimeter; Материал губы:Nitrile; Фиксатор губы:None; Тип уплотнения:Oil Seal; Вес / фунт:5.099; Дюймовый - Метрический:Inch; Номинальная ширина:1.5 Inch / 38.1 Millimeter;
Chemical Auxiliary Agent CPE 135A Chlorinated Polyethylene with Good QualitySize:11 13/32 x 6 1/8 x 1 1/8 (289.7 x 155.6 x 28.6); Application:Chevrolet Spark; Product Type:Panel Air Element; Compatible Competitor Part Number:General Motors 96910360; Division:Engine Mobile Aftermarket; Industry:

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