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The Best-Selling High-Quality Foliar Fertilizer The Best-Selling High-Quality Foliar Fertilizer The Best-Selling High-Quality Foliar Fertilizer

The Best-Selling High-Quality Foliar Fertilizer

Product Description Appearance Flake/Powder Alginic Acid >15% Organic Matter...
  • Chemical Neutral
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Commercial Organic Fertilizer
  • Zotiser
  • Box
  • N+K2O≥ 120g/L; B 1.7g/L; Zn 2.1g/L, Mg 4.6g/L
  • China
  • 3101001990

Product Details

Chemical Character:Chemical Neutral Raw Material:Agricultural Waste
Type:Commercial Organic Fertilizer Trademark:Zotiser
Transport Package:Box Specification:N+K2O≥ 120g/L; B 1.7g/L; Zn 2.1g/L, Mg 4.6g/L
Origin:China HS Code:3101001990

Product Description

Product Description



Alginic Acid


Organic Matter


Total Nitrogen


Potassium (K2O, dray basic)


Cytokinin & gibberellin




Phosphorus (P2O5)






Water Solubility



1. Improve crop micro-ecological environment, activation of the soil, increase soil group, preventing compaction.
2. Activation of damaged cells, rapid recovery root physiological function, and promote root development, enhanced drought, cold, disease resistance.
3. Induced plants produce endogenous hormones, delaying senescence, promote early, with a significant increase yield.
4. Increasing the content of organic matter, dissolving Phosphor, Decomposition Potassium, fixing Nitrogen, activation and utilization of soil phosphorus and potassium, improved secondary salinization, improve fertilizer use efficiency.
5. Improving the nutritional quality of vegetables, fruit sweetness and improve palatability.
6. Control Diseases Due to Continuous Cropping has a significant effect.
7. Natural, no residue, no injury, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic side effects, significantly reduce fertilizer pollution.

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