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Amino Acid Powder Nitrogen- 13 Amino Acid Powder Nitrogen- 13 Amino Acid Powder Nitrogen- 13

Amino Acid Powder Nitrogen- 13

Product Description: Item Specification Nitrogen ≥46.6% Biuret ≤0.9%...
  • 13
  • Compound Fertilizer
  • Compound Fertilizer With High Nitrogen Content
  • AH
  • 20kg/Bag
  • 20kg/bag
  • Chengdu
  • 2922491990

Product Details

Manufacturing Method:Compound Fertilizer Type:Compound Fertilizer With High Nitrogen Content
Trademark:AH Transport Package:20kg/Bag
Specification:20kg/bag Origin:Chengdu
HS Code:2922491990

Product Description

Product Description:










0.85mm-2.8mm 98%min, free follow

Packing: 50kg ,500kg,1000kg PP bag or pallet available


• 13% Protein Nitrogen content
• Contains 30% carbon
• 100% Water soluble
• Will not leach from most soils
• Naturally adheres to leaf surfaces, food crops can be immediately harvested with no restrictions
• Compatible with all conventional Nitrogen sources and most fertilizers
• Enzyme hydrolysis process produces smaller size, water-soluble Nitrogen containing compounds of protein, peptides, and amino acids
• Contains the essential plant extracted amino acids
• Stable in normal environmental temperatures and requires no special handling

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